Family History


Richard W. Robertson
Mary A. Eubank
Dale Delafield Luke
Martha F. Shepherd
George Torian
Amelia Blanche Crawley
Charles Augustus Jenkins
Lillie Shepherd Cocke

This website is devoted and dedicated to my eight great grandparents, listed above.

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William Robertson
Eva Luke
Melvin Crider Torian
Carey Grandy Jenkins


                                                         Supplement - New Family History Information                                                              
Supplement - Immigration and Migration Patterns
Supplement - Family History Military Service
Supplement - Northern Neck Ancestors

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The following names, related to the above persons, are identified in the pages linked to above:
Amelia Blanche Crawley

Alice Sublett        
Alice Torian        
Alice W. Wright        
Amelia Blanche Crawley        
Amelia Perrin Young        
Andrew B. Sublett        
Ann Brandon Crawley        
B. Crawley Scott        
Catherine  A.K. Crawley        
Catherine T. Crawley        
Elizabeth Bailey Young        
Elizabeth Brandon        
Elizabeth Cralle        
Elizabeth M. Young        
Ernest Lee Womack        
Francis (Fannie) B. Torian        
Francis Womack        
Georgie Torian        
Ginsey Crawley        
Irwin Brandon        
J.M. Perrin        
James R. Scott        
James Russell Torian        
Jamie Perrin        
John Crawley        
John J. Crawley        
John Perrin        
Judith Brandon        
Lucy Brandon        
M.A. Young        
Martha Hubbard Young        
Martha S. Crawley        
Mary A.E. Young Crawley        
Mary Anna Crawley        
Mary S. H. Crawley        
Matthew H. Young         
Melvin C. Torian        
Michael Cadet Young        
Mildred C. Crawley        
Nancy J. Crawley        
Nannie B. Torian        
Pamela Perrin        
Paul F. Young        
Polly H. Young        
Rebecca Perrin        
Richard C. Torian        
Richard H. Crawley        
Sadie Catherine Torian        
Samuel Crawley        
Samuel N. Crawley        
Sarah V. Crawley        
Susannah H. Young        
Tabitha B. Crawley        
Temperance Sadler Young        
Thomas Cralle        
Thomas G. Crawley        
Thomas W. Wright        
William B. Brandon        
William B. Torian        
William Crawley        
William H. Young        
William Young        
Eva Luke

Bessie Hope        
Charles Allen Robertson        
Daisy Hope        
Dale D. Luke        
Elizabeth Stokes        
Erscil Stokes        
Ethyle Gladys Robertson        
Eva Luke        
Eva Stokes        
Evelyn Mae Robertson        
Evelyn Stokes        
Frank L. Stokes        
George R. Hope        
George W. Hope        
Grant L. Stokes
Gunborg E. Lawson        
Harry E. Robertson        
Harry Hope        
Harry L. Hope        
Harman Hope        
Harman L. Hope        
Hottie L. Hope        
John W. Taylor        
Keith Torian        
Lillie D. Hope        
Louise Taylor        
Lydia Lillie Hope        
Margaret Hope  
Margaret M. Stokes      
Martha F. Shepherd        
Mary L. Hope   
Mattie L. Hope        
Maxwell Torian        
Melvin Carter Torian        
Nora Stokes        
Patricia Robertson        
Rachel Taylor        
Richard Robertson
Richard Stokes        
Sarah A. Hope        
Sidney Taylor        
Sing Hope        
William B. Stokes        
William Robertson, Jr.        
William Taylor        
Martha F. Shepherd

Dale D. Luke        
Elizabeth Hunter        
Eva Luke        
Fletcher G. Porter        
Jacob L. Shepherd        
John Shepherd        
Lillie Luke        
Margaret A. Shepherd        
Martha F. Shepherd        
Rachel Luke        
Sarah A. Hunter        
Solomon Shepherd        
Thomas Hume        
Virginia Hunter        
William Shepherd        
Carey Grandy Jenkins  

Carey Grandy Jenkins        
Carol Torian        
Charles J. Torian        
Evelyn Torian        
Francis Messick Torian        
George E. Torian        
Harry L. Hobson        
John David Torian        
John D. Watson        
Martha Torian        
Mary Torian        
Melvin Crider Torian        
Melvin Carter Torian        
Sondra Torian        
Richard W. Robertson

Alex W. Robertson        
Alexander Robertson        
Alexander Robinson        
Allen Brown        
Amos C. Meador        
Ann E. Robertson        
Charles H. Robertson        
Edmund Booker        
Eva Luke Stokes        
Gladys Owens        
Jean Owens        
John Noble        
John Wright        
Joseph Noble        
Julia Carter        
M.A. Robinson        
Mary A. Eubank        
Mary A. Owens        
Mary A. Robertson        
Mary Robertson        
Ohma Owens        
Polly Noble        
R.W. Robinson        
Richard Brown        
Richard W. Robertson        
Robert Robertson        
Sallie A. Robertson        
Sally A. Williams        
Samuel W. Williams        
Samuel Williams        
Sarah A. Robertson        
Sarah E. Robertson        
Susanna Noble        
Susanna Wright        
Thomas Wright Jr        
Thomas Wright Sr        
Tilman E. Jeter        
Vernon R. Owens        
William Robertson        
Charles Augustus Jenkins

Abraham Buckholts        
Alexander B. Stark        
Alexander Balmain        
Anna Carter McGehee        
Anne Cocke        
Augustus Jenkins        
Betty Lewis        
Betty Lewis Carter        
Carey G. Torian        
Carey Jenkins         
Carter A. Jenkens        
Carter A. Jenkins        
Carter Jenkins        
Charles Augustus Jenkins        
Charles Carter        
D.J. (Doc) Thurston        
Edmund Jenkins        
Edmund Randolph        
Edward Carter        
Edward J. McGehee        
Eleanor C. Jenkins        
Elizabeth Buckholts        
Elizabeth Carter        
Elizabeth Stark        
Elizabeth Washington Lewis        
Elizabeth Woodard        
Fielding Lewis         
Francis G. Ruffin        
Francis Gildart        
George C. Jenkins        
George Norris        
George Washington        
George Washington Carter        
Georgiana Carter Bower        
Hazel Robinson        
Horatio Stark        
Jacob Buckholts        
James Warner Wormely        
Jane Bowles Wormeley        
Jane Champe        
Jesse L. Jenkins        
John Carter        
John Champe        
John Hall        
John Richards        
John S. Cocke        
John Wormeley        
Joseph H. Sweet        
King P. Parks        
Lawrence Lewis        
Lillie S. Cocke        
Mahanetha Augusta Jenkins        
Maria Carter Cobb        
Martha B. Sweet        
Mary Anne Cocke Bolling        
Mary Buckholts        
Mary Burwell Wormeley        
Mary E. Jenkins        
Mary Elizabeth Latimer        
Mary Hall        
Mary P. Marsh        
Mary Stark        
Mary Wormeley        
Melvin Crider Torian        
Nathaniel Burwell        
R K Pickett        
Ralph Randolph Wormeley        
Ralph Wormeley        
Rebecca Willisson        
Robert King Carter        
Robert Stark        
Rosalie O. Carter Jenkins        
Rose Jenkins        
Sarah Alzenith Lowry        
Sarah Buckholts        
Sarah C. Jenkins        
Sarah C. Pickett        
Sarah Jenkins        
Sarah Richards        
Shirley Jenkins        
Sophia Carter Posttethwaite        
Sophia Gildart        
Stella E. Jenkins         
Theodore Stark        
Warner Washington        
William Stark        
Dale Delafield Luke

Aleetha Luke        
Dale Delafield Luke        
Edward Etheridge        
Elizabeth Luke        
Elizabeth Luke Porter        
Elmer C. Bray        
Emily F. Bray        
Emily Hogg        
Eva Luke        
Granville G. Luke        
Georgiana Bray        
Georgiana Luke        
Gilbert Etheridge        
Harriet E. Luke        
Harriett Bateman        
Isaac Luke        
Jim W. Luke        
John Luke        
John Luke Porter        
John R. Bray        
John T. Bray        
John Wesley Luke        
Julia Luke        
Lillie Luke        
Lydia Etheridge Luke
Mary Wright       
Martha A. Bray        
Martha A. Hogg        
Martha F. Shepherd        
Paul Dale Luke        
Pauline J. Clements        
Rachel Luke        
Richard B. Bray        
Richard Dale        
Sallie G.  Bray        
Sally G. Bray        
Samuel Etheridge        
Sarah G. Luke        
Sarah P. Luke        
Thomas J. Bray        
William Benson Luke        
William F. Luke        
Mary A. Eubank

Allen Brown        
Allen D. Owens        
Amanda Eubank        
Ann Bailey        
Caroline Eubank        
Charles Brown        
Charles Eubank        
Charles H. Robertson        
Elizabeth H. Wingfield        
George Eubank Jr        
George Eubank Sr        
George W. McCue        
Gladys McCue        
Gladys Owens        
Indiana E. Eubank        
JCB Wingfield        
Jean E. McCue        
John Eubank        
Joseph B. Wingfield        
Josiah Wingfield        
Martha Eubank        
Mary A. Eubank        
Mary A. Owens        
Mary A. Robertson        
Mary E. Eubank        
Mary Melton        
Nancy Wingfield        
Nathan Eubank        
P.H. Wingfield        
R.W. Robertson        
Richard Brown        
Richard Robertson        
Robert Wingfield        
Thomas Wingfield        
Vernon R. Owens        
Virginia Robertson        
William Robertson        
Wingfield Eubank        
Lillie Shepherd Cocke

Abinadab Jenkins        
Anna Dare Hires Grosscup        
Aristides Monterio        
Benjamin Cocke        
Benjamin E. Cocke        
Benjamin Mulford        
Benjamin Woodson        
Bev A. Jenkins        
Carey Jenkins        
Carter Jenkins         
Charles A. Jenkins        
Charles C. Grosscup        
Charles Elmer Hires        
Charles L. Cocke        
Charlotte Thurston Modlin        
Christiana Hitchner        
Conrad Hires        
Cornelia Ray        
D.J. (Doc) Thurston        
Daniel Minns        
Doc Thurston, Jr.        
Egbert Watson        
Eliza Harrison        
Elizabeth (Lily) Shepherd Cocke        
Everett M. Watson        
Frances E. Cocke        
Frances L. Jenkins        
George Hines, Jr.        
George Hires        
Georgia K. Cocke  
Georgia Brakmo      
Harold E. Cocke        
Harriet Cocke        
Hartwell F. Cocke        
Helen M. Watson        
Ida Harrell Horne        
Jacob Hitchner        
James M. Cocke        
Jesse Thurston        
Jessie Lillie Jenkins        
John Hartwell Cocke        
John Hires        
John J. Boulter        
John S. Cocke        
John T. Wolfe        
Josephine Bonde        
Josephine Cocke        
Kitty Jenkins Dare        
Lavinia Nevius        
Lilla E. League        
Lilla E. Sweet        
Lillie Shepherd Cocke        
Lizzie Boulter        
Lizzie Cocke        
Louise Robinson        
Magdalena Lottholtz Hitchner        
Margaret Robinson        
Marguerite Cocke        
Marguerite Wolfe        
Mariah Cocke        
Martha F. Shepherd        
Martin Nevius        
Mary E. Jenkins        
Mary Elizabeth Woodson Cocke        
Mary Francis Nevius        
Mary H. Boulter        
Mary Louise Cocke        
Mary May Johnson        
Mary Shepherd        
Melvin Crider Torian        
Mulford Dare         
Nancy (Nannie) Cocke        
Nancy Dare Hires        
Nancy Nannie Nevius        
Nancy R. Watson        
Nathaniel Jenkins, Sr.        
Parthenia Minns        
Phillip St. George Cocke        
Polly A.  Cocke        
Reuben Dare        
Reuben Nuchols        
Rhoda Mulford Stevens Dare        
Richard F. Cocke        
Robert D. Cocke        
Ruth C. Cocke        
Ruth Thurston        
Sally Woodson        
Samuel Cocke        
Samuel H. Cocke        
Samuel M. Nevius        
Samuel Woodson        
Sanford B. Cocke        
Sarah C. Cocke        
Sarah Elizabeth Woodson        
Sarah H. Jenkins        
Shirley Winter Jenkins        
Simon Rammel        
Stella Evens Jenkins        
Stella Robinson        
Susannah Woodson        
Sylvester P. Cocke        
William A. Ray        
William Dare          
William Dare Cocke        
William Mulford        
Willy D. Cocke        
William Robertson

Charles A. Robertson        
Ethyle G. Robertson        
Eva Stokes        
Eva Luke        
Frank L. Stokes        
Harry E. Robertson        
John W. Taylor        
M.A. Robertson        
R.W. Robertson        
Rachel Taylor        
Richard R. Robertson        
S.V. Brown        
Sidney J. Taylor         
William D. Taylor        
William R. Robertson        
copyrighted 2009
George Torian

Alice Torian        
Alice W. Wright        
Amelia Blanche Crawley        
Andrew Torian        
Carolina Singleton        
Courtney M. Torian        
Elijah Torian        
Elizabeth Crawley        
Elizabeth M. Baker        
Elizabeth Torian        
Elmira Thomas Torian        
Ernest L. Womack        
Frances Elizabeth Torian       
Francis Fannie Torian        
Francis Torian        
Francis Womack        
George Torian        
Georgie Torian Young        
Glenn S. Torian        
J.H. Puryear        
James B. Torian        
James E. Torian        
James Singleton        
James Torian        
John Adkinson        
John C. Torian        
John F. Dickinson        
John Singleton        
John T. Torian        
John Torian        
Joseph T. Torian        
Leonard B. Torian        
Luna Gianoli        
Margaret D. Baker        
Mary A. Torian        
Mary Ann Torian         
Mary Chambers Torian        
Mary Torian        
Melvin Crider Torian        
Nancy Adkinson        
Nancy Jennett        
Nancy Singleton        
Nancy Singleton Pliff        
Nancy Torian        
Nannie B. Torian        
Nathaniel Torian        
Pauline Torian Hodnett        
Peter Torian        
Polly Torian        
Rebecca Singleton        
Richard Randolph Torian       
Richard Singleton        
Richard Torian        
Russell Torian        
Sadie Catherine Torian        
Samuel M. Torian        
Sarah Francis Singleton
Sary Ann Margaret Torian      
Scare Torian        
Scher Torian        
Schertorio de Toriano        
Schertorio de Turriani        
Sidney Lea        
Thomas Torian        
Thomas Torian Jr.        
William B. Torian        
William Singleton        
Melvin Crider Torian

Amelia Crawley Torian        
Barbara Parker        
Carey Jenkins        
Charles Jenkins Torian        
Fannie Womack        
George E. Torian        
Graham Carr        
Ida Mayfair Carr        
James M. Lewis        
Kathy C. Frey        
Martha Almira Lewis        
Martha Canady        
Martha E. Carr        
Melvin Carter Torian        
Melvin Crider Torian        
Stephen Madison Carr